As a virtual, fractional team specifically for interior designers, 4Dbiz has cracked the code on how to provide efficient support for interior design business owners. Our design team has completed hundreds of technical drawings for designers across the country, so we have tons of insight to share when it comes to how to delegate design tasks successfully! We’ve found that it is critical to have a clearly communicated set of drafting standards for your virtual interior design assistant(s), which will allow your team to keep making progress even when certain measurements are still up in the air.

What particular drafting standards you need to have in place will be dependent upon your typical projects. However, in our experience, it is better to be prepared with more standard measurements than less! Our 4Dbiz Drafting Standards template includes sections for structural, electrical, furniture, cabinets, millwork, and plumbing measurements. Every designer who goes through Onboarding with our team of Virtual Interior Design Assistants will receive a customized drafting standards spreadsheet, complete with our 4Dbiz standards and/or the designer’s preferred standard measurements. Check it out below.

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Click here to see our 4Dbiz Drafting Standards for Virtual Interior Design Assistants!

(Make a copy to save and edit for your own purposes.)


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Our Virtual Design Assistants specialize in space planning, elevations, 3D renderings, construction drawings, mood boards, and more! We are proficient in a variety of design technologies – from AutoCAD and SketchUp to Foyr, Coohom, Chief Architect, and more.

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