At 4Dbiz, our Fractional Model allows interior designer/business owners to get well-rounded support, without the headaches of hiring, training, management, and payroll taxes. We have specialists in Design, Administration, Marketing, and Business Development – who are available to take on tasks and give you time back in your day to focus on running your business! Sounds like a lifesaver, right? Making the most of your Fractional Team all comes down to clear, efficient delegation! Before you get started with our Design Team, you might be wondering how to delegate elevations, tile layouts, and other necessary design drawings. See below for an example of how simple it can be:

How To Delegate Elevations & Tile Layouts

Dana of Revelry Interior Design came to 4Dbiz for support with a full-gut renovation of a small vacation home, designed in a “classically modern serene farmhouse” style! She asked our Design Team to create elevations of the Primary Bathroom shower, complete with tile layout and shower niche. This would give the tile installer all the necessary details for where and how to install the tiles, and also allow Dana to see if the tile sizes are appropriate and what size shower niche would be best.

In order to delegate this task, Dana supplied our team with site photos, FF&E, the existing AutoCAD file of the space, the links to the tiles being specified, and a Loom video recording to walk us through exactly what she was looking for. She also gave us the following details:

“The upper half will be a mix of two 2×8 ceramic subway tiles, installed vertically and straight-run. The bottom half will be a 2×8, installed horizontally and offset.

Please call out the tile names and sizes. You do not need to draw grout lines or call out the grout.”

How to delegate elevations and tile layouts

Site photos, Loom recording, FF&E, and tile specs by Revelry Interior Design


With all of these details, we were able to get started! And just two days later, Dana had the necessary elevations. Our team input a placeholder for the shower system and door, since we weren’t given specifications for those. Luckily, our design standards worked for the project, and no revisions were needed!

Did you know? Revisions of 20 minutes or less are guaranteed in 24 hours or less with no rush fee.

Elevations & Tile Layouts: Execution

How to delegate elevations & tile layouts to a virtual interior design assistant Working with a team of virtual interior design assistants requires you to learn how to delegate tasks like elevations and tile layouts How to delegate elevations and tile layouts Elevations and tile layouts by 4Dbiz, with design by Revelry Interior Design

 Design by Revelry Interior Design. Elevations & Tile Layouts by 4Dbiz.

Total Time Saved By Delegating Elevations & Tile Layouts: 4.61 Hours

When you get started with our 4Dbiz Design Team, we will help you learn how to delegate elevations and tile layouts in the way that is most convenient and efficient for your process!

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