Fractional COO & Team Support for Hannah Lowe Interiors; 4Dbiz interior designer testimonials

4Dbiz saved my business. My built in team is energetic, they’re professional. They’re always on it. And they make me look really good to my clients.

“This team made this industry enjoyable for me again. Thank you, 4Dbiz.”

-Hannah, Hannah Lowe Interiors


“Shayna and the entire 4Dbiz team is so responsive, helpful, and always there to help you in any capacity. I truly appreciate this team that allows me to easily scale my own business.

-Cynthia, Urban Gypsy Styled

testimonial for 4Dbiz. From Cynthia of Urban Gypsy Styled
Learn from Kristen, of Interior Design Alchemy, how working with Shayna and 4Dbiz will give you the confidence to charge your worth.

“”I hired Shayna for a strategy consultation and it was a highly effective and efficient use of my time and money. I’d been struggling with how to structure and price my services adequately for a project. Shayna’s product knowledge, understanding of the industry and coaching around communicating value were enormously helpful. Had I not hired her, I do not think I wouldn’t have had the confidence to ask for the design fee that I did (and subsequently got).”

-Kristen, Interior Design Alchemy

“I have been working with 4DBiz for a few months now. They are FABULOUS. I have offloaded so many different types of tasks, and they have handled all of them efficiently and asked all the right questions along the way. They are so familiar with a wide range of ways to run an interior design business that I am even able to ask them to improve my existing processes as we work together. It is so easy to create new tasks and communicate with my team. I LOVE my dedicated assistant — and she works exactly as much or as little as I need her to on a given week. 4Dbiz has been magic for my little business!”

-Kate, Kate Eckstein Design

5 star testimonial from Kate Eckstein Design. Kate employs 4Dbiz for Executive Support, Administrative support, design support, and marketing support for interior designers
Designer Feature: Julianne's Lifestyle

“We had a wonderful experience with 4Dbiz when needing someone to do some rendering work for a design client of ours. We wanted to make a good impression for our commercial client and needed someone more experienced in renderings than our team. We had a phone call first to go over everything we needed, then emailed all of our specs. Charges were clearly explained from the beginning and stayed within our budget. No surprises, good quality work and they even filled in the gaps where we hadn’t. We will definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone needed help with their projects!

-Lacey, Julianne’s Lifestyle

“I just finished working with Evelyn and Shayna on my new website, and I am totally over the moon about the whole experience! First, Shayna helped me see how my services could be modified to include a seamless workflow from one level to the next. She also knew exactly how to price the levels of services to be very clear, and allow me to make more money! Then, I worked with Evelyn and she designed an amazing website for me. She updated the entire template, aesthetic and function of the site, so now it reflects where I’m at in my business today, including the new services.

“I never could have done this without Shayna and Evelyn. I totally recommend 4Dbiz for expert support for any interior design business, but especially for solo-preneurs like me. Thank you, Shayna and Evelyn!”

-Nan, GroovyHome

“Working with Shayna has been transformative for my business. Her advice has allowed me to revise my processes and documents so now I feel confident that I am pricing correctly and following best practices. I feel so lucky to have 4Dbiz on my team!”

-Sarah, Aligned Design

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