The 4Dbiz Technology

(a.k.a. Why We’re The Best)

As a busy interior designer and business owner, you need a team that you can trust. Without trust and control, it is easy to feel taken advantage of, frustrated by a lack of return on investment, and overwhelmed by the responsibilities of training and micro-management.

Our custom 4Dbiz Technology was built to manage your team for you – with a focus on transparency, profitability, efficiency, and quality.

No other virtual assistant or fractional team is backed by a completely custom technology, specifically for interior designer business owners!

Stay in total control of your virtual team with our custom 4Dbiz technology for interior designers

Stay In Control

  • Delegate tasks quickly and effectively through our custom technology
  • Organize tasks by client and/or project
  • Specify Design, Administrative, or Marketing task types so that you get paired with a team member who specializes in that work
  • Manage your deadlines and get notified when due dates are approaching
  • Keep in close communication with your team through a task-specific discussion board
  • All files completed by our team are organized and archived on your behalf
Prioritize productivity with our suite of technology specifically for interior designer business owners.

Prioritize Profitability

  • Designate tasks as billable or non-billable to the client
  • Export, bill, and reconcile billable time logs for maximum profitability
  • Track your own billable time within each client project
  • Manage retainers and get notified when additional billing is needed
  • Our 4Dbiz features ensure profitability no matter what pricing model you use or how you close your jobs
  • Say yes to more work/bigger projects with a complete team behind you. Your hours can be shared amongst our Executive, Design, Administration, and Marketing Teams
Our custom 4Dbiz technology includes a suite of tools to make sure that you have total trust in the quality and efficiency of our work

Ensure Quality & Efficiency

  • Understand where every minute of delegated time is used. We provide a complete log of everything your team worked on by day and/or by project.
  • Trust your team’s efficiency. We track our time down to the minute and never round up.
  • Count on quality. If our team does not follow instruction, makes an error, or completes more work than was requested – we will credit time back directly into your account. You only pay for the highest level of execution.


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