Jefferson Street Designs


It’s always a delight for us when we get to collaborate with Jefferson Street Designs! We have worked with Cindy Eyl, Owner and Principal Designer for the Virginia-based business, on several occasions to provide drafting and administrative assistance for her projects, as well as content creation for Instagram. Our latest collaboration involved interior design space planning support in AutoCAD for a three-level residence. Keep reading to learn more about how we assisted Cindy with this project!


How It Started

Cindy provided our drafting team with CAD drawings that she already had for the project to help us get started. She requested for us to screenshot the different levels of the floor plan, and she marked them up to show us where she wanted furniture to be drawn on the plan. Here is what she sent back to us:

Space planning sketch

Space planning sketch

Space planning sketch

Space planning sketch

Sketches by Jefferson Street Designs

Screenshots taken by 4Dbiz


How It Came Together

Once we had reviewed Cindy’s notes and sketches, we got to work implementing them on the floor plan in AutoCAD. We communicated back and forth with Cindy throughout the process, using the task discussion feature in the 4Dbiz portal. It was really helpful to our team that she communicated changes as the project unfolded, and as she learned more about her client’s preferences:

Task discussion message from Jefferson Street Designs

We made the requested changes and sent her a final set of floor plans for her review. Here is what she received from us:

Basement level layout

Main level layout

Second level layout

Designs by Jefferson Street Designs

Drafting for space plan additions by 4Dbiz


The Experience

Since we completed the space plans, we have had the pleasure of continuing our collaboration with Cindy and taking this project one step further. Cindy was happy with the results that our team produced, so she also asked us to assist with elevations and a 3D model of the pantry/office area, dining room, powder room, and primary bathroom. She is planning to use the elevations we provided in her construction book. This part of the project is still in progress, but be sure to follow Jefferson Street Designs on Facebook and Instagram for updates and the final results!

If you need interior design space planning support or help with renderings, 3D modeling, or other drafted deliverables for your design business, we would love to work with you, too. Schedule a demo call with our team and let’s get started today!