Work with our 4Dbiz Fractional COO, CMO, and CAO to level up your interior design business.

Owning and operating an interior design business is not easy. Many interior-designer-business-owners find themselves overworked, spread too thin, and unable to focus on all necessary avenues of the business that require their attention. Alone is simply not a sustainable way to run (and much less grow!) a thriving business. That is why 4Dbiz has created a Fractional Team offering a range of Executive Support for Interior Designers. So that you work with professionals specializing in Business Development, Operations, Marketing, Administrative Systems, and more – in a way that is totally flexible to what your business needs.

Do I need Executive-Level support for my interior design business?

Short answer: Yes. Every interior designer could benefit from working with a group of supportive Executives that understand this industry.

Long answer:

Let’s take a look at your day-to-day as the CEO and Principal Designer of your interior design business. Do any of the following apply to you?:

  • I wish I had more hours in the day to implement my ideas for where my business could go
  • I am not sure my system for ______ is the most efficient/effective
  • I do not understand why my projects are not more profitable
  • I would love to have a strategy in place for future growth
  • I feel like I am reinventing the wheel with every design project/ I wish I had a consistent process to follow
  • I aim to automate the customer experience for my clients
  • I need help managing my in-house team of employees or freelancers to make sure my business is operating at full potential

If any of these sentiments are familiar, our Executive Team would love to work with you to help you reach your goals! We are in this together.

How does Executive Support for interior designers work?

At 4Dbiz, our Executive Team is available to you on a Fractional basis, starting at just $145/month. We customize our packages based on where you are in business at this time and the level of support you truly need.

  • The Solopreneur Interior Designer: If you are a newer business and still operating as a true solopreneur, we estimate that you will need about 1 hour/month of Executive Support – just $145/month. This time will be used for consistent 1-on-1 monthly coaching geared toward setting your business goals, tracking your performance, and optimizing the foundation of your business for future growth.


  • The Growing Solopreneur: If you have been in business 1+ years and are growing past your own working capacity and ready to start outsourcing, we estimate that you will need about 4 hours/month of Executive Support – $580/month. This time will be used for consistent 1-on-1 coaching as well as done-for-you execution of deliverables your business needs.


  • The Small Business Owner: If you have been in business 3+ years and have an in-house team of three or more employees/freelancers, we estimate that you will need about 8 hours/month of Executive Support – $1160/month. This time will be used for consistent 1-on-1 coaching, done-for-you execution of deliverables, and operations management for your team.

Not sure exactly where you stand and what your business needs? Schedule an Intro Call with our team to strategize.

Meet Your Executive Team

Shayna Rose Pellino, Founder & CEO of 4Dbiz, is a Fractional Chief Operating Officer for interior designers and interior design businesses. Executive Support for interior designers.Evelyn Roberts is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of 4Dbiz, and a Fractional CMO and marketing strategist for interior designers Samantha Kraft is a Fractional Chief Administrative Officer for interior designers and interior design businesses. She helps interior designers create administrative systems that keep everything running smoothly.

Shayna is our 4Dbiz CEO and your Fractional Chief Operating Officer. Her specialties include profitability, contracts, financial goal setting and metrics tracking, team operations and management, estimating and closing jobs, and more.

Evelyn is our 4Dbiz CMO and your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Her specialties include copywriting for SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, automated marketing funnels, marketing metrics reporting, and more.

Samantha is our 4Dbiz CAO and your Fractional Chief Administrative Officer. Her specialties include designing and maintaining administrative systems, project management, team leadership,d esign softwares, time billing, invoicing, organization and tracking, and more.

Meet A Member Of Our Executive Team To Learn More.