What is your ideal interior designer salary? Come on! Dreams are free! Throw out a number.

Try to put a specific dollar value on the annual income that would give you a feeling of achievement and allow you to live your best life?

Not nearly enough interior designers and business owners are using that number to engineer their business model!

That’s why we created the Interior Designer Salary Calculator: To help you create a clear, actionable roadmap toward your financial goals. Give it a try today:

interior designer salary calculator: How many billable design hours do you need to work to reach your financial goals?



As you start to interact with the spreadsheet and play with the numbers, you might come to find out that in order to reach your desired salary alone as a solopreneur, you’ll need to run yourself ragged and work an insane number of hours. Or, you could prioritize your work/life balance and jack up your hourly rate. But, neither of these are ideal outcomes (and they certainly aren’t necessary).

The only way to increase your salary without working more OR charging your clients more is to delegate. Efficient team growth = predictable growth of income! 

Don’t believe us? Use the calculator as a visual aid! When you input your desired salary, ideal number of vacation days, and realistic working hours per week, you will be provided with your current salary as a solopreneur. AND, you will also be provided with a clear-cut way to increase your salary through delegation. The numbers don’t lie.

At 4Dbiz, we make growing your team and delegating work easier than ever before!

Learn more about our Virtual Interior Design Assistant services by the hour, schedule a demo, and reach out with any questions about how we can help you reach your goals.