Hello Designer-Business-Owners, 

Shayna here! I am the Founder and CEO of 4Dbiz, and a fellow interior designer-business owner who is working hard to build a (actually, multiple) thriving business(es) in this industry. 

I’ve made it my goal for this year to create more content coming directly from me to you. We are on the same journey. Experiencing the same highs and lows, ebbs and flows. Let’s do it together! 

My hope is that you will get tons of value from hearing the way I’m thinking through things, working through challenges, and learning from my mistakes (we all make them!).

So here we go! Allow me to introduce my new “Note From Shayna” series. 

Setting a goal like this got me thinking… 

I know so many business owners who have tons of ideas like this one, but lack the time to follow through. 

  • What was the last new thing you told yourself you were going to implement in your business? 
  • How much time has passed since then? 
  • How much progress have you made towards that goal? 

Classic! We are creatives juggling a million things and wearing a ton of different hats. Consistency is one of the hardest things to commit to for people like us! 

But – allow me to give a little tough love moment here – as the CEO of your company, it IS your job to be consistent. It is up to you to stick to the strategy, find the patience to weather any storm, and keep driving the business forward. 

That does NOT mean that it’s your job to do it alone. In fact, my outlook is that alone is the worst way to try and run, much less GROW, a successful business. I had to learn that lesson the absolute HARDEST possible way… I told the story on A Well-Designed Business last year, check it out here if I’ve piqued your interest.

One of the absolute best things I did for myself in business was to surround myself with the right accountability partners. This is the one of the keys to my success, and has become necessary in every aspect of my businesses and at every point of my growth! 

There is no shame in the game. 

This “Note From Shayna” series would probably fall off my radar if I didn’t work with Evelyn as my accountability partner to collect my thoughts, keep me on schedule, and get these published for me – since that’s not my super power. 

What are your superpowers as an interior designer-business owner? 

No, really, take a second and think about the avenues of your business where you feel successful, efficient, and fulfilled… I’ll wait. 

Those are the avenues where you should be spending your valuable time! Stay in those lanes and your day-to-day won’t feel like such hard work. For everything else, you can put a trusted team in place to either execute for you, or at least hold you accountable to what you know is important for your continued growth and success. 

As a Fractional COO and Business Coach for interior designers, I think of myself like a personal trainer for the business. I will help you get up off the coach (metaphorically speaking) and WORK towards the goals that we set together. 

Reach out to me if consistency and accountability are things you tend to struggle with. Trust me, no one gets it more than me! 

Here’s to consistent progress.

Shayna Rose, CEO and Founder of 4Dbiz, letter to interior designer business owners