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A lot of interior designers hesitate to outsource high-level design work. We get it! Building trust doesn’t happen instantly.

That’s why, for a limited time only, we’re offering 1 hour of our Virtual Assistant services totally FREE when you create a 4Dbiz account, so that you can give us a try with absolutely nothing to lose.

Take a look at some of our work below. What will you delegate first??

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Meet Your New Drafting Team

Our 4Dbiz Drafting Team is a well-rounded group of design professionals with specialties in AutoCAD, Vray, Sketchup, Foyr Neo, Coohoom, Photoshop, and more!

Drafting assistance for interior designers, meet your team

Senior Drafting Specialist & Drafting Team Lead

Meet your drafting team, 4Dbiz

Drafting Specialist

Meet your 4Dbiz Drafting Team, Virtual Design Assistance for interior designers

Executive Assistant & Drafting Specialist

Drafting Assistance for interior designers - Meet the team

Product Specialist & Drafting Assistant

Meet the Drafting Team at 4Dbiz

Rendering Specialist

At 4Dbiz, we don’t just connect you with a network of freelancers and wish you the best. You get access our in-house team of trusted, positive, skilled designers right here in the United States.

We’ve done the hiring, vetting, and training so you don’t have to! Get started with our 4Dbiz team today. It’s as easy as clicking “New Task.”

About 4Dbiz

We never expected to create a team and an online platform that would forever change the way interior designers run their business!

4Dbiz was built BY an interior designer FOR interior designers, simply because the industry needed it.

When our CEO and Founder, Shayna Rose, started her company Shayna Rose Interiors, she was the classic solopreneur. She didn’t outsource or delegate anything that she could do on her own. She was making that money and feeling on top of the world! That is… until she flew off a snowmobile and broke her pelvis. Unable to walk, she learned the hard way that alone is not a sustainable way to run and maintain (much less GROW) a business.

Since 2017, we’ve made it our mission to crack the code on how to build a qualified, professional, positive team – while scaling a profitable company and finding balance in the crazy business owner lifestyle. And that is the story behind 4Dbiz!

We’ve developed a well-rounded team of skilled design professionals who can support you in every avenue of your business:

  • Administrative
  • Drafting
  • Renderings
  • Sourcing
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Operations
  • And more!
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