Would you be so kind as to complete our 2024 “Census” for Interior Designer Business Owners?

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The Three Stages For Interior Designer Business Owners:


2024 Census for interior designer business owners. Where are you in your business owner journey? 4Dbiz is here to help you succeed!  


  • 0-3 Years in business
  • Has plenty of time to work on the business, as well as inside of projects
  • Only needs support for tasks outside skillset
  • May need help pricing & closing jobs 



  • 1-5 Years in business
  • Not enough time in the day to fulfill all job roles and work on the business
  • Sometimes outsources to freelancers, or possibly 1 in-house team member
  • May need help with a structure to grow profitably



  • 5+ Years in business
  • Not enough time to lead the team 
  • Has 2+ employees with consistent work
  • May need streamlined operations & efficiency

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