For principal interior designers, it is essential to not only understand the elements of design, but also the concepts of running a business. Business acumen is a major contributing factor to company success; luckily, it is an acquired skill that can be learned. Whether you need help with networking, proposals, e-commerce, business operations,  or just need a consultant you can trust – 4Dbiz can provide business coaching for interior designers through 1:1 Strategy Sessions.

Business Coach for Interior Designers

4Dbiz’s business Strategy Sessions are led by our Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shayna Rose Pellino. 

Shayna’s business expertise comes from her own learning experiences as a business owner. Three years into her career in the interior design industry, she had uncovered a host of challenges and unmet needs within the industry. She launched Shayna Rose Interiors in 2017 with much success, but when she unexpectedly had a crippling accident, she was forced to switch to a remote business model. 

It was during this difficult time that Shayna faced both successes and failures. Her business was steadily growing, but her virtual team did not have the skills necessary to design and order the custom products she was creating. Her second business, 4Dbiz, grew out of a desire to address the unmet need for affordable support for design entrepreneurs. 

What sets Shayna apart from many other business coaches is the fact that she is presently active in the interior design industry. Unlike many gurus who are no longer hands-on with interior design projects and business operations, Shayna Rose Interiors is still fully operational. Her first-hand knowledge of the industry gives her the ability to offer relevant information on the most current business trends and strategies in interior design.

Shayna approaches her businesses with a focus on the motto, “Everyone wins.” She is inspired by challenges that others see as problems, and she genuinely wants to see her clients succeed. Shayna will work with you to identify the most effective strategies for your business and how to achieve significant long-term growth. She is also happy to answer any business-related questions you may have along the way. 

Business Strategy Coaching for Interior Designers

In a 1:1 business Strategy Session, you will work with Shayna to identify personal strategies for your business. You will explore avenues for maintaining steady growth through clarifying your systems and increasing efficiency! 

Common topics covered during the 1-hour call include:

  • How to build profitable proposals
  • Business operations
  • Networking strategies 
  • How to delegate/build a team
  • E-commerce 
  • How to sell custom products
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to enhance your business success? Register to 4Dbiz to schedule a 1:1 business Strategy Session with Shayna today!