One of the biggest challenges of being an interior design business owner is knowing when to ask for help. As much as you might want to do it all yourself, it doesn’t take long to realize that this is simply not a sustainable way to operate. You have to be able to scale your business, so that your own time and capabilities are not limiting your growth. A business coach can be a great source of encouragement, but what you really need is a partner in design leadership – someone who will get down in the trenches with you to solve problems and devise strategies.

There is nobody who better understands the needs and frustrations of a design business leader than 4Dbiz Founder and CEO, Shayna Rose. She was recently featured as one of the top 10 women leaders in the design industry in Global Woman Leader magazine.

A Partner in Design Leadership

Not long after she opened her own interior design business, Shayna Rose Interiors, in 2017, she quickly identified a need to address some of the common frustrations in the industry. She took it upon herself to find a solution, and 4Dbiz was born.

With over 7 years of experience growing TWO businesses to 7 figures, Shayna has made it her mission to help other interior design business owners do the same. She now partners with businesses around the country to provide consulting and ongoing operations support as their Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO). Her top tip for leading a successful business? Delegate as much as possible and make sure you have a strong support team!

“A leader is not strong without a team that is equally as strong behind them,” says Shayna.

When you’re ready to add a partner in design leadership to your team, consider onboarding Shayna as your Fractional COO. The onboarding process includes a 2-hour session, where you will take a deep dive through your business systems and operations with Shayna. She uses templates to streamline some of the common challenges of the industry, such as pricing and contracts, and expedite quick solutions for your business. She will also help you create a customized plan for continued support.

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