In case you missed it: Shayna and Evelyn from 4Dbiz were featured on last Friday’s episode of the A Well-Designed Business podcast with Luann Nigara! Tune in to learn all about how Shayna and Evelyn provide Executive-Level support for interior designers. If you have ever found yourself re-inventing the wheel for every project, wishing you had a clear system of procedures to follow, unsure of what your client experience is like, or feeling more self-employed than business owner – this episode is for YOU. We’d love to hear your main takeaways after listening to the episode!

4Dbiz joins A Well-Designed Business podcast with LuAnn Nigara to discuss Executive Level Support for interior designers.

LuAnn, Evelyn,  and Shayna’s Ah-Ha Moments:

“We’re a great partnership where Shayna will help you look at your business from the lens of you as the business owner I will help you look at it from the lens of your client,” – Evelyn Roberts

“As a designer, you have seven million avenues of business going on at once, but you still need to run the ship and there still needs to be an internal operation your team can live by.” – Shayna Pellino

“Good design cannot be overcome by bad process.” – LuAnn Nigara

Episode Breakdown: 4Dbiz on A Well-Designed-Business

[1:43] Evelyn and Shayna explain what the executive division of their team entails.

[10:42] Shayna shares an example of when a consumer could get, what she calls, crooked.

[14:43] Evelyn provides comfort and facts for those nervous about “automation.”

[30:29] The benefits of having a team, rather than a “you” and the lesson Shayna learned.

[34:12] Always thinking about your competition.

[36:45] How 4DBiz’s executive team helps you build your own team.


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