Let’s be honest: interior design can be an incredibly competitive industry. Competition demands that interior designers stay on top of their game when it comes to standing out and making themselves known in the design world. One of the best ways to set your brand apart is by creating unique and memorable designs that have been tailored to fit each client’s individual needs, personality, and style. Read on for a list of four ways to personalize interior design concepts and make a lasting impression with your clients!


1. Incorporate Custom Millwork

Customizing millwork is an effective way to personalize interior design and make a statement. Millwork often occupies a large chunk of the square footage in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms, so it makes sense to make it the focal point in these rooms.

The options are endless when it comes to custom millwork, making it easy to design something that has not been seen too often before. Start with the material, and you already have choices for laminate, wood, metal, and more. For wood cabinets, you can choose between paint and stain; within those categories, there are also hundreds of choices. Millwork can also be designed in different cabinetry styles, such as inset or overlay. Even after it has been produced, you can personalize millwork with custom hardware that fits your client’s individual style.

Designing custom millwork can be time consuming, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a 4Dbiz virtual assistant for support. Our assistants can spend time sourcing or provide you with shop drawings to speed up the process. They’ll help you save time and stay focused on the big picture of the design.


2. Choose COM Upholstery

Custom upholstery is another way to personalize a space. Most furniture manufacturers allow you to designate if you would like to use the customer’s own material (COM) for upholstered pieces. This option significantly broadens the possibilities for personalization. You can then tap into offerings from any fabric company, or you can even incorporate fabric that you or your client has personally designed.

Let’s say your client wants a silver metallic ottoman to coordinate with their modern decor. The ottoman manufacturer doesn’t offer that type of fabric, so you choose COM. All you have to do is find a fabric company that makes silver metallic fabric and send a sample to the manufacturer for testing. Once the fabric is tested and approved, the ottoman can be upholstered exactly how you and your client envisioned it.

As a 4Dbiz member, you can access a list of all your favorite fabric vendors through the online portal. Filter your search by offering to quickly display a list of all the fabric vendors. Each vendor listing contains a link to their website, so you can easily view their fabric offerings. You can also use the vendor directory to check on discounts, and to check if a particular furniture company offers an option to use COM.


3. Design Custom Furniture

Did you know that you can use the 4Dbiz Virtual Workroom to design and order custom furniture? Custom furniture is the perfect way to personalize interior design because it allows you the freedom to modify size, color, style, or any other element to fit in seamlessly with your concept. You can make a truly one-of-a-kind piece through custom furniture design.

You can submit a request for custom furniture online in the Virtual Workroom. We encourage you to provide as detailed of a description as possible. You can link the request to a specific client in your portal, and you will also enter shipping information for delivery when the custom piece is finished. There is an opportunity to upload concept photos, sketches, or shop drawings with your request as well. We’re dedicated to ensuring accuracy, so that your design vision comes to life just as you and your client imagined it.


4. It’s All In The Accessories

While furniture design is the most unique way to personalize interior design, the most cost effective way is through accessories. Spend some time getting to know your clients during initial meetings. Think about how you can incorporate little tidbits of their personalities and stories into the accessories you select for their space. For example, if you have a family-oriented client, perhaps you can create an artistic gallery wall showcasing photographs of loved ones. Or maybe your client is an avid traveler who has amassed a significant collection of souvenirs over the years. Those souvenirs just might be the perfect accessory to style living room shelves and simultaneously tell the story of your client’s global adventures!


Creating personalized interior design is all about storytelling and bringing your client’s dreams to life. When you’re passionate about the stories you tell, it just might help you earn recognition as a designer, too.

With an organized portal, plenty of free resources, and a team of knowledgeable virtual assistants ready to help, 4Dbiz can provide you with the support you need to make those dreams a reality!

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