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Over the past few months, our administrative and marketing teams have had the pleasure of working with Kate from Kate Eckstein Design. Kate signed up for a package of 6 recurring hours per week with us. She initially intended for the hours to be used for administrative tasks. However, as her virtual assistant completed tasks efficiently, she was able to shift the leftover time to make progress towards her other business goals. She asked us to use 1 hour per week for her social media marketing efforts. Take a look below for insight into the process of delegating content creation to our team!



In her 4Dbiz portal, Kate set up a task with all of the need-to-know details for us to create captivating content. This is what we initially received from her:

Task #: 1698739205

Title: Social Media Content Creation

Description: Please select 2 photos per week from my portfolio and draft captions for 2 social media posts.

Once the posts are approved, please go ahead and post to my social channels as well.

My portfolio is available here (shared with marketing@4dbiz.com): Link HERE

I also have a bunch of recent “day in the life of working with Kate” type photos that I’ve barely used as well. Link HERE

Importance: Recurring

Frequency: Weekly

Type: Marketing

Client: My Business

Social media marketing task


She used Google Drive to upload her photos and share them with our marketing team. Here’s a peek at the portfolio of images that she shared:

Kate Eckstein Design portfolio

Interior design by Kate Eckstein Design

Photography by HelioBook



Using this information, Kate’s marketing assistant selected images, formatted them for Instagram, and wrote captions to match her brand voice. She updated Kate in the task discussion when the proposed content was ready for her review:

Social media marketing task discussion message

Social media marketing for Kate Eckstein Design

Content by 4Dbiz


Kate was thrilled that we could save her some time and streamline the process of content creation for her:

Social media marketing task discussion message

Total time saved: 1.37 hours

To learn more about how we can support social media marketing efforts for your business, book a demo with our team.