As an interior designer, the big picture might be what initially sells a design to your clients, but when they look past that, what will they see? It’s the little details in a design, like the quality and texture of the accent rug beneath their feet, that they will ultimately remember. It’s important to do business with vendors that you can trust to deliver high-quality, reliable products every time you place an order. It can also save you a lot of sourcing time to have a go-to list of vendors for items such as rugs, pillows, fabrics, or furniture. We’ve put together some of our favorite rug vendors below. Keep reading to learn more about the rug vendors we think every interior designer should know.


Low Budget Vendors

If your clients are on a tight budget, these vendors are an excellent match. They offer a wide selection of rugs in many different sizes and styles. Check out some of their special offerings:

Pasargad Home

Rug Vendors - Pasargad Home

Image from Pasargad Home

  • Vintage & antique rugs in beautiful Persian styles
  • Many new collections in neutral colors & modern prints



Image from Loloi

  • Oversized & custom sizes available
  • Inventory levels & restock information are shown for each item, making it easy to determine when items are available
  • Exclusive collaborations with big brands and celebrities, such as Magnolia Home, Justina Blakeney, and Ellen DeGeneres

Amer Rugs

Amer Rugs

Image from Amer Rugs

  • Large selection of one-of-a-kind handmade rugs
  • Bespoke rugs available with many customizable options, including size, shape, color, material, construction, & design
  • Purchases support Saraswatii Global Foundation, which works toward improving social causes in underprivileged communities



Image from Eskayel 

  • Unique collection of rugs that are woven to order for truly personalized design
  • 300+ pattern & colorway combinations
  • International shipping



Image from Safavieh 

  • Impressive collection of rugs spanning across all different styles
  • Couture line includes thousands of hand-knotted choices
  • Exclusive collaborations with big brands and celebrities, such as Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, & Disney


Medium Budget Vendors

Clients who are looking for a slightly more upscale experience without spending too much might enjoy selections from these moderately priced vendors:

Stanton Carpet

Rug Vendors - Stanton Carpet

Image from Stanton Carpet

  • Custom rugs with 700+ carpet choices, as well as 100+ commercial carpet choices
  • Online visualizer to see what a rug will look like in a room before you buy it
  • One of our premiere vendors, which means you receive access to stock dealer pricing



Image from Surya

  • Thousands of options, including natural fiber, performance, solid colors, indoor/outdoor, and hide, leather, & fur
  • Vintage & antique rugs hand knotted by artisans over 50 years ago
  • Quick-ship cut and sew rugs ship within a week

Jaipur Living 

Jaipur Living

Image from Jaipur Living 

  • Rugs are handcrafted by more than 40,000 artisans spread across 600+ villages in India
  • Each purchase supports Jaipur Rugs Foundation, which provides educational resources and job stability for artisan communities
  • Exclusive collaborations with big brands and celebrities, such as Barclay Butera, Pollack, Nikki Chu, & Jenny Jones
  • Machine washable options available for some rugs


High-End Vendors

For high-end clients, these brands have top-of-the-line products that are built to withstand the test of time:

Gabby Home/Summer Classics

Rug Vendors - Gabby Home/Summer Classic

Image from Summer Classics

  • Small selection of indoor/outdoor performance rugs are durable & built to withstand heavy traffic
  • Rugs are made of strong, stain resistant materials, including PET fiber



Image from Rejuvenation

  • Available in various construction types, including flat weave, hand-knotted, hand-loomed, & shag
  • Some rugs are made of recycled materials or sustainably sourced
  • Many beautiful, vibrant patterns in traditional styles, as well as some modern patterns & neutrals


Rug Vendors - Arhaus

Image from Arhaus

  • 100+ hand-knotted & handwoven styles in neutral colors & patterns
  • Offerings include area rugs, runners, performance rugs, hides, & sheepskins
  • To show their commitment to sustainability, the company uses recycled materials & has partnered with American Forests to fulfill a pledge to plant 1 million trees across America


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