We hope 2024 is off to a great start for you and your business! As we begin another year and chapter here at 4Dbiz, we can’t resist the urge to look back on our journey and celebrate. Our most exciting moment of 2023? One of the interior design industry’s most popular podcasts featured our Founder and CEO, Shayna Rose, and Co-Founder and CMO, Evelyn Roberts, as guests! We have been big fans of LuAnn Nigara’s A Well-Designed Business for years, so it was an honor when she invited them to Power Talk Friday to discuss all things 4Dbiz .

As Shayna explains in the podcast, her own experience as an interior design professional and business owner inspired her to create 4Dbiz. She saw a need in the industry for better work-life balance, more efficient business processes, a stronger pricing model, and streamlined outsourcing that could come from a single point of contact.

“The business can suck the soul out of you if you are overworked, if you are not getting the money that you deserve, and you are just putting in endless hours and you’re not feeling it in your bank account,” says Shayna.

She knew that there had to be a better way to run an interior design business, while still maintaining profitability. And so, working with Evelyn and her marketing expertise, she created 4Dbiz to provide convenient virtual support for any of the interior design business owner’s needs.

Shayna and Evelyn also had the opportunity to take a deep dive into the four pillars of support that we offer for interior designers, which include business development, marketing, design, and administrative support. Listen to Power Talk Friday to learn more about our virtual assistant services and processes.

Power Talk Friday featuring 4Dbiz

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