4Dbiz: A virtual fractional team for interior designers. Fractional COO, Fractional COO, Administrative Assistants, Virtual Assistants for interior designers; Our commitment to you

At 4Dbiz, we provide a virtual, fractional team for interior designers. With design professionals specializing in business operations, marketing, administration, and design, we give interior designer-business owners the well-rounded, flexible support they need – without the headaches of hiring, training, management, payroll taxes, and more… When you work with 4Dbiz, you get access to a high-level team that can support your business on a flexible basis. We are far from the typical “virtual assistant” in this industry, who you would be responsible for managing (and even micro-managing). Our team includes Executive-Level leaders that are on-hand to help ensure that everything being completed on behalf of your business is done at the absolute highest quality. Here is our commitment to you:

  1. We guarantee the quality of our work: If (y)our team does not follow instruction, makes an error, or completes more work than was requested – we will credit you time back. You only pay for the highest level of execution. 
  2. We work as a team: You get access to our full, well-rounded team. This ensures we can complete all task types you might need to delegate, and handle the ebbs and flows of this project-based business. And, you never have to say no to a project.
  3. We provide technology training: We will invest with you and have (y)our team trained on the prior to starting your services. If you are using a technology we are unfamiliar with, we will put time into training and education prior to your onboarding
  4. We provide continued education: We have a full 4Dbiz team training weekly and additional individual Business Operations, Marketing, Design, and Administration Team trainings weekly to continue to enhance our skills and execution. 
  5. Your Executive Team is here to support you: Your Executive Team will be checking in periodically to get your feedback and strengthen your team, and we will invest more time into training when necessary.
  6. Our culture: The Executive Team will work hard to foster a positive work culture including insurance, benefits and PTO to ensure 4Dbiz provides a desirable work environment with low overturn. 
  7. We will continue to develop: As we grow we will continue to develop our technology and enhance our procedures. We encourage your feedback. Your needs and your success is our driving force.

Want to learn more about our team, our services, and our standards? We would love to connect!