We hear it from interior designer-business owners all the time: “I have tons of ideas when it comes to marketing my business, but NO time to execute them.” Or: “marketing is the thing that always falls off when I am busy.” And, the ever popular: “I just don’t like to sell myself.” It’s important to remember that marketing your interior design services is a long game. Even if you found your ideal client out there online, if they are not moving, redecorating, renovating, or refurnishing – it could be years before they hire you! So it is crucial that you keep that contact in your marketing system, stay top of mind, and continue to provide valuable content that keeps them engaged. One of the best ways to do that is through your monthly email newsletter… Oh, you don’t have the time to create an email marketing campaign every month?… Allow 4Dbiz to help! Learn more about how to delegate your email newsletter to a marketing assistant below.

How To Delegate Your Email Newsletter To The 4Dbiz Marketing Team

There is no one right way to delegate! When our 4Dbiz team becomes your team, we will collaborate with you in whatever way is best for your systems and your busy schedule. For example, Kate of Kate Eckstein Design works with our 4Dbiz Marketing Team to create and publish a consistent email newsletter every month. For her, a quick email at the top of the month tends to be sufficient to get the ball rolling.

This month, Kate was inspired to create an educational newsletter all about “When To Seek Design Support.” The goal was to help her email audience understand her process and how she can best support their projects. She shared the following notes with her Virtual Marketing Assistant:

“I’ve been doing a lot of kitchens and bathrooms recently, so maybe we do a post on the best time to bring on a designer in your reno project?
– I can help people make scaled plans of their existing space, as well as propose and draw up options for changes to make sure that we’re maximizing their space
– I can help find the right contractor for the job
– I can make the process of selecting allllll the items needed for a kitchen or bathroom easy and seamless
– I can connect the dots between architects, kitchen designers, cabinet specialists, contractors and client
– My favorite time to come into the project is as early as possible! The earlier the better. The best projects are the ones that I start working on with clients before anyone else is on board, so we can plan ahead for everything and I’m not playing catch up with decisions that have already been made without a holistic plan”

Using this as a point of inspiration, we got to work! Because our Marketing Team also collaborates with Kate on social media content creation, we knew she had some beautiful new project photography we could incorporate throughout.

Execution: Outsourced Monthly Newsletter

Once the first draft was created and ready for Kate’s review, we sent a test through her preferred email marketing software, Flodesk. Here’s a little peek:

Kate Eckstein Design email newsletter, created by 4Dbiz marketing assistant for interior designers

Email newsletter created by 4Dbiz, in collaboration with Kate Eckstein Design.

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At 4Dbiz, our email newsletter service includes one full round of revisions, so that every piece of content is totally authentic to your brand, business, voice, audience, and goals. Once revisions were complete with Kate, our team published the content, as well.

Kate was so happy with the content that she input an additional marketing task to update her website to include this information, too. We will be working on that with her next week!

Total Time Saved By Delegating Email Marketing: 2-3 Hours/Month

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