For many interior designers, having a Virtual Design Assistant on hand to help with design tasks sounds like a great idea… Until they realize they have no idea what to delegate or how to delegate a design task successfully! At 4Dbiz, we always recommend starting with tasks that you either don’t have the skills to do efficiently, tasks that you simply don’t enjoy doing, and/or tasks that are not a valuable use of your time as the CEO and Principal Designer of your business. For Lori of Gracious Homes Interiors, that recently consisted of creating lighting models to import into MyDoma for her project. Our Design Team was ready and excited to take that on. Keep reading to learn how to delegate MyDoma Models and other design tasks to our team of Virtual Assistants for Interior Designers.

How To Delegate MyDoma Models To A Virtual Interior Design Assistant

When Lori decided to pass this task to our team, it was as quick and easy as this short message:

“Hello, I need the following light fixtures modeled and put into my Mydoma Account. Links below. Thank you. Link 1. Link 2. Link 3. Link 4. Link 5.”

She provided the links to the 5 light fixtures that would need to be created and imported.

Yep – it was really that simple!


How to delegate MyDoma models to a virtual interior design assistant

MyDoma model completed by 4Dbiz, how to delegate interior design tasks to a virtual assistant

Lighting selected by Gracious Home Interiors; Model by 4Dbiz

MyDoma Models: Execution

Once all of the product details were confirmed by our Design Team, we got to work! Lori heard back from her Virtual Design Assistant in just 2 business days with all of the models that she asked for completed and imported into MyDoma.

How to delegate mydoma models and other interior design tasks to your virtual assistant. Virtual design assistant services

Lighting selected by Gracious Home Interiors; Model by 4Dbiz

Total Time Saved By Delegating Product Models: 8.7 Hours

When you get started with our 4Dbiz Design Team, we will help you learn how to delegate design tasks in the way that is most convenient and efficient for your process!

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