Are you an interior designer who is new to the industry? Or maybe you’re a seasoned designer who wants to learn how to grow your business even more? In an industry where jobs are often found through word of mouth, credibility is key. One of the best ways to build credibility is through testimonials and reviews from previous clients. Learn how to boost reviews for your interior design business with the simple tips below!


Follow Up with Clients

When it comes to reviews, persistence pays off. The simplest way to boost your reviews is by making sure that you follow up consistently with each and every client. Don’t send just one request for a review and then forget about it. Remember that your clients have their own busy lives. Sometimes they just need a reminder to bring it back to the top of their to-do list.

If you don’t receive a review after your first request, follow up after three days. Be sure to make your message friendly and conversational. Try opening with something like, “Hi _, I hope you’re enjoying your new kitchen! If you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate it if you could leave me a review.” If you still don’t hear from them, make one final attempt five days after you sent the initial request. Avoid sending requests on holidays and weekends, as there is a greater chance that your clients will be busy and unavailable to leave a review.


Automate Requests

Managing requests and follow ups on a regular basis can take up a lot of your time, so we recommend streamlining client communication with automated requests. It is worth it to invest a little time initially to create a strong template and set up automations. They will help you be consistent with your strategy, so that you don’t miss any opportunities to boost reviews for your interior design business.

You can even set up automations to be triggered by certain actions a client takes. For example, let’s say your client makes a payment on their final invoice. If you set up an automation, your client can then receive an email thanking them for their payment and simultaneously requesting a review. It’s the perfect way to make a timely request, while your client’s level of excitement about the project is still high. It will also help you minimize the amount of back and forth between you and your client.


Show Your Appreciation

When clients do leave you a review, you can offer a thank you gift to show your appreciation. It can be a resource, a discount, or anything else that provides value to your client. Just remember to send a gift for all clients who leave a review, regardless of the feedback that they provide!

Here are some ideas:

  • A checklist with steps to walk you through the design process
  • A list of your favorite go-to places to shop if they want to update their home in the future
  • Useful design education & tips, such as how to calculate material quantities or how to style accessories
  • A guide with recommendations for handymen, contractors, and tradespeople for ongoing work
  • A credit for future interior design services from your business (some examples: a free one-hour consultation, a site measure included with a consultation, or ongoing advice up to one hour after your client has settled in their newly designed home). This is a major win for both you and your client! Your client will be happy to receive services at a discounted rate, and you will get a review and the chance to work on an additional project!

Important to note: Although you can offer a thank you gift, that does not guarantee you a 5-star review. You should never try to incentivize positive reviews; instead, let your excellent eye for design and outstanding service speak for itself!


Prioritize Customer Service

The easiest way to boost reviews for your interior design business is to simply offer outstanding customer service for every client. However, we know that making customer service a priority can be more difficult than it sounds if you’re running in a million different directions at once.

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