Introducing The 4Dbiz Member Benefits Directory:

A buying group for interior designers


Try to imagine how many countless hours you’ve spent applying for wholesale accounts… it racks up. Sometimes, you spend all kinds of time to fill out a tedious application just to get denied because you can’t hit the minimum purchase order. It’s frustrating. And at 4Dbiz, we’re saying “No. More.” That’s why we created the Member Benefits Directory, a new buying group for interior designers!

The Member Benefits Directory is intended to help you increase profits through product sales, save time on sourcing and procurement, give you access to stellar discounts, and organize the process of sourcing and procurement. A life saver. For just $149/month, you get:

  • Access to 185+ Premier, Wholesale, and Trade Accounts: We’ve got a little bit of everything, so your sourcing needs are covered.
  • A Dedicated Product Specialist: Get human support anytime you need it.
  • Unlimited Free Samples: Be your own showroom by curating a varied collection of samples. These are your selling tools that help your client get bought into your design vision! Never show up to a client presentation empty-handed. Working virtually? No problem. We’ll send samples to both you and your client.
  • Unlimited Pricing Requests: Get pricing within 24 hours.
  • Label Guidance: Ask your dedicated Product Specialist for recommendations of where to source based on your product needs. We’ll help you navigate the Directory so you never waste precious time.
  • Order Placement: You send us the product information, we place the order. So you can get back to business.
  • Order Tracking: All of your product orders will be organized on your Tracking Dashboard, with order date, tracking information, carrier information, and more! We’ll continue tracking your orders and keeping you up to date.
  • My Vendors Library: Already have some accounts of your own? Keep them organized within the My Vendors portal. There are so many great features that we couldn’t list them here, so keep an eye out for a future email!
  • New Accounts By Request: Love a label that’s not already in our Directory? We’ll open it for you!
  • Access to 4Dbiz Events: 2-3 virtual events weekly, including group business coaching, open marketing forums, vendor showcases from some of the most prominent vendors in the industry, custom product education, and more.
  • Access to 4Dbiz Education: A library of educational resources like contract templates, client questionnaires, product glossaries, downloadable guides, and more.
  • And more! 

More Benefits Than Ever!

For a limited time, when you sign up for the 4Dbiz Member Benefits Directory, you will receive 30 minutes of Virtual Design Assistance for FREE, every week for a year.