Frequently Asked Questions About 4Dbiz

We’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions about 4Dbiz, so that you can learn more about how we help interior designers and other home professionals bring their business to a new dimension!

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1. What is 4Dbiz?

4Dbiz is a new online platform for interior designers and other home professionals. We offer business services, product solutions, and an uplifting community for designers to tap into anytime they need support to grow their business.

2. How can 4Dbiz help me grow my interior design business?

At 4Dbiz, we help designers grow their business by offering the team support, technology, resources, and community they need to succeed.

More specifically:

Team Support – We have built a team of well-rounded, talented professionals that you can tap into when you’re too busy to run your business alone. Who do you need most today? A Business Coach, Marketing Specialist, Virtual Design Assistant, Executive Assistant, Handyman, and/or Product Specialist? Rather than trying to hire ONE person who can do it ALL – work with us. We have a team who can do it ALL in ONE.

Technology – Our online portal has all kinds of technology to help you run your business in the most organized, streamlined, and efficient way possible. Features include time tracking, client management, a Virtual Custom Workroom, and more!

Resources – At 4Dbiz, you can get access to a variety of resources to help you grow your business. Our Member Benefits Directory is a library of over 150+ trade and wholesale accounts that you can access with or without a resale certificate. This is an incredible resource for anyone who is new to selling wholesale, or looking to increase their wholesale product offerings. We also offer a wide range of downloadable resources in our Education Portal, like measure templates, product glossaries, contract templates, client questionnaires, business how to’s, and more.

Community – Owning a business is a lonely road at times, especially in this virtual world. But when you join 4Dbiz, you join a community of positive, uplifting, like-minded professionals who are committed to success! We have 2 virtual events weekly, where our members can come together to learn, share experiences, and socialize. Event types include Business Coaching, Marketing Forums, Vendor Showcases with reps from some of the most prominent labels in the industry, and more!

3. What is the best way to get started with 4Dbiz?

First things first: Sign up for a FREE account at Yes, you read that right. It is totally FREE to join!

Next: Schedule an intro call with our team. This is where we’ll get to know you, ask about your business goals, and learn about the primary pain points you’re facing in business right now. From there, we’ll make personalized recommendations for how our 4Dbiz team can help you solve those challenges and achieve your desired success.

4. What does 4Dbiz cost?

4Dbiz is free to join. Once you’re a member, you can cherry pick the support and services that make the most sense for your business.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Virtual Design Assistance – As low as $47.50/hour. This can be used for product sourcing, drafting, mood boards, research, client correspondence, scheduling, and so much more!

Executive Assistance – As low as $400/month.

Business Coaching – As low as $145/hour.

Marketing Content Creation – As low as $125 for blog articles, email newsletters, press releases, social media management, and more!

Renderings – As low as $65/hour.

Member Benefits Directory – $149/month.

Events and Education – $25.00/month.

Virtual Custom Workroom – FREE

This is just a brief list. For more information about all that 4Dbiz offers, send us an email!

5. Where is the 4Dbiz team located?

Because our team is 100% virtual, we are located all across the country! New York, North Carolina, Chicago, Colorado… the list goes on. But most importantly, our entire team is located right here in the US .


Thanks for checking out our 4Dbiz Frequently Asked Questions.

We hope you’ll sign up for your free account soon – we just can’t wait to work with you!