How It Works: Virtual Services For Interior Designers

Virtual services for interior designers, from 4Dbiz

Let’s Meet!

If you’re interested to learn more about our virtual services for interior designers, CLICK HERE to schedule a call with someone from our team. We can help you design a custom plan for you, your business, and your goals!

4Dbiz Services: Onboarding & Foundation

The absolute best way to get started with our 4Dbiz Virtual Services for interior designers is to go through our onboarding package: “Interior Design Strategy Bootcamp.” 

For just $2604, you will receive up to 30 hours of 1-on-1 coaching and support, customized around your business, your needs, and your goals. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with our Executive Leadership Team and Virtual Design Assistants to complete the foundational work needed to succeed as you grow your team with us and delegate!

  • Create a clear system of procedures to streamline your design process.
  • Completely overhaul your organizational systems.
  • Review your client contracts and subcontractor agreements.
  • Devise a monthly marketing plan and optimize all of your online marketing channels.
  • Develop a CRM system and get your first automated funnel(s) running.
  • And SO much more. The first step will be a 2 hour strategy call with our Executive Team to create a clear action plan.

In just 2-4 weeks, you will have a rewarding feeling of accomplishment for what was achieved and a clear sense of where you’re going next, with our entire 4Dbiz team behind you!

4Dbiz services: virtual design assistance by the hour

What are the parts of your business that fuel and inspire you? What parts of your workload are worthy of your experience level and your vision? These are the things that should fill your day as an interior designer and business owner. The rest can be delegated!

Tap into our well-rounded and efficient team of talented design professionals, with or without a commitment.


  • Virtual Design Assistance – $42.50/hour
  • Executive Assistance – $50/hour
    • Work with a single, dedicated staff member who will become familiar with your clients, projects, and systems of procedure
  • Business Strategy Coaching – $150/hour
  • Marketing Support By The Hour – $100/hour
    • Email marketing, social media, blogging, copywriting, SEO, brochures, and more


4Dbiz Services for interior designers: marketing packages

When it comes to marketing, we understand that you need consistency and predictability in regards to budget. So on-going marketing support and content creation are available as flat-rate packages. This includes:

  • Blog article – $150
  • Email newsletter – $150
  • Direct outreach and lead generation – $240
  • Social media management – $420
  • Press release – $150
  • And more!