Marketing Support for Interior Designers

Marketing Support For Interior Designers

Marketing Support For Interior Designers

At 4Dbiz, our mission is to help interior designers succeed in business. One of the most common pain points we hear from our designer community is that marketing often falls by the wayside. Maybe you are so busy that you just don’t have time to spend on your digital marketing efforts. Or, maybe a lack of understanding leaves you feeling unsure of how to market your design business. Either way, 4Dbiz is here to provide marketing support for interior designers. And we would love to work with you!

Marketing Consultant For Interior Designers 

When you sign up to work with the 4Dbiz Marketing Team, the first step will be to schedule your first marketing consultation with our Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Evelyn Roberts. 

Evelyn’s background is in copywriting, digital content marketing, and branding for interior designers. She is passionate about helping every designer find their unique brand voice and create tailored content that provides value to their ideal client. 

Working with Evelyn, you will be challenged to break down your overall business goals into actionable, measurable steps, then to think critically about what specific marketing actions will draw you closer to those goals. At 4Dbiz, we do not believe that you need to invest money into paid advertising in order to succeed (at least not right away). Rather, Evelyn will help you strategize the most effective organic marketing efforts your interior design business can begin today!


Marketing Consultations For Interior Designers 

Since the first step to working with our 4Dbiz Marketing Team is the 1-hour marketing consultation, you might be wondering, “What can I expect from a marketing consultation?” 

In the 1-hour call, Evelyn will:

  • Do a web search of your business and provide feedback about how you appear online right now
  • Ask critical questions about your current marketing strategy
  • Outline the monthly marketing plan that you should be working toward for your business
  • Get to know your business voice, brand, messaging, and target audience
  • Help you identify the best first step(s) for your business to take today, whether you plan to do it yourself or have the 4Dbiz Marketing team do it for you!


Content Marketing For Interior Designers

After the 1-hour marketing consultation, you can decide which course of action is best for you: 

  1. I will take all of this valuable feedback and implement it on my own. 
  2. I do not have the time to implement this feedback on my own. I will collaborate with the 4Dbiz Marketing team to have this done for me.

Ultimately, how you choose to move forward is completely up to you! Either way, you will have Evelyn as your dedicated Marketing Consultant. So you’ll always have someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, request feedback, and get ideas from! 

If you do choose to work with the 4Dbiz Marketing team, here are some of the ways we can help you market your interior design business online: 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

  • Audit your website for its current SEO score
  • Provide copywriting, web design, and keyword recommendations
  • Implement changes to increase SEO score 
  • Design and build new landing pages based on keywords that are not yet represented
  • Google My Business profile optimization 
  • And more!


Social Media Marketing

  • Post creation and publication on Facebook
  • Post creation and publication on Instagram
  • Instagram reels and stories
  • Daily community management to increase followers and engagement 
  • Optional add ons for LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more



  • Blog article creation based on target audience, target keywords, and service niche
  • Image selection and tagging
  • Keyword optimization
  • Inclusion of affiliate links, if relevant to your business 
  • Promotion on Facebook and Instagram if requested 


Press Releases & Publication Pitches

  • Pitch articles to online and print publications to increase domain authority for your website
  • Write and publish press releases when your business has a news-worthy story to tell 
  • And more, depending on your unique goals 


Automated Lead Funnels 

  • Automate your communication journey for every contact, from initial inquiry to paid services
  • We work with many different tools and softwares including (but not limited to) Dubsado, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Constant Contact 
  • Keep the human feel, with email content written to reflect your brand and personality


Lead Magnet Creation

  • Creation of a downloadable PDF that will act as a magnet to grow your email list
  • Content written and designed for your business
  • Publication of a sign up form and/or pop up to your website
  • Automatic funnel to increase conversions


Email Marketing 

  • Engage your existing audience with email newsletters that convert
  • Encourage repeat business and referrals 
  • Promote your blog, affiliate links, and other monetized content 
  • Share promotions and other calls-to-action 
  • Great for interior design businesses with an e-commerce site


Direct Outreach and Community Management 

  • LinkedIn outreach
  • Cold calls
  • Cold emails
  • Social media outreach
  • And more! 


This is just a teaser of what our 4Dbiz Marketing Team can do for you. Everything is customizable based on your business and your goals.

Schedule a marketing consultation to get started today!